Final Chapter: To Our Future
Chapter 75 cover
Final Chapter cover
Japanese Title 私たちの未来へ
Romaji Title Watashitachi no Mirai e
Volume Volume 16
Chapter 75
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To Our Future[1] (私たちの未来へ, Watashitachi no Mirai e) is the seventy-fifth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter of volume sixteen, as well as the final regular chapter of the series.


Chiharu Mori observes the destruction of Deserted Island XX and bids farewell to Akira. Two months later, Riko Onizuka admires the fine weather and solemnly comments on the day of the explosion, only to be interrupted by Teru Kurebayashi and Tasuku Kurosaki for her melancholy tone. Teru recounts the events that day.

Kurosaki revealed that while the explosion could not be stopped, the system had a backdoor available and relied on Akira's ability to decode the sequence to unlock it. The attempt succeeded, which allowed Kurosaki, Akira, and Teru to escape to a speedboat. While Akira fainted and Kurosaki was focused on starting the boat, Antler appeared before Teru and gave her a USB key. They departed before Teru could say anything. The island exploded soon afterward and Masuda arrived by helicopter to pick them up.

The group heads to the hospital to visit Akira, who has been recovering from a surgery to remove a life threatening brain tumour that had given him his extraordinary calculating abilities and had been previously suppressed with strong painkillers. Teru decides to give Akira the USB key from Antler, though she decides not reveal how she obtained it for now. To everyone's surprise, the USB key contains a series of videos that Professor Midorikawa made of himself singing "Daisy Bell" every year for Akira's birthday, which the professor had promised to do in person when they were reunited. Seeing the gesture of love in the professor's video, Teru thinks that while the world may not have enough love and how it is indiscriminate, it is no less powerful, just has her brother has always shown her.

At school, Teru's friends look for Kiyoshi Hasegawa, who will be the Student Council Vice-President under Rena Ichinose. Kiyoshi, while helping Rena, overhears students commenting that Kurosaki is quitting his job as the school janitor. When Teru goes to confirm the rumour, Kurosaki clarifies that he is planning to quit only after she graduates from high school so he can continue to protect her. A happy Teru goes to weed the blue daisies, which are blooming again, when Kurosaki gives her a quick kiss on the cheek before they hastily separate. Teru thinks about how while many things have changed, Kurosaki will always be her kind DAISY and she is doing just fine.



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