Holy Night Cosplay Legend
Ochibichan dengekidaisy - holy night cosplay legend
First page of the extra chapter.
Japanese Title 番外編 ~ 聖夜のコスプレ伝説 ~
Romaji Title Bangai-hen ~ Seiya no Kosupure Rejendo ~
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Extra
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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Not Suited for a Cute Girl
Everyone's Happy New Year

Holy Night Cosplay Legend[1] (番外編 ~ 聖夜のコスプレ伝説 ~, Bangai-hen ~ Seiya no Kosupure Rejendo ~) is an extra chapter included in volume six of Dengeki Daisy. The chapter was originally published in a special edition of Betsucomi in December 2009. The events do not directly correlate to the plot and do not occur chronologically after chapter 29[2]. The chapter is later referenced as occurring in the winter break before chapter 46[3].


Kurosaki learns from Riko that Teru that has taken up a part-time job at the Master's restaurant for Christmas Eve. When Kurosaki learns that the Ohanabatake, the Master's restaurant, is having a special project featuring staff dressed in mini-skirt Santa clothes, he immediately takes off for the restaurant.

Both fearing and anticipating that Teru is dressed as a mini-skirt Santa, he is disappointed to find the Master is the one dressed as the mini-skirt Santa and Teru is dressed as an ordinary Santa.


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