Kazumasa Andou
Name Kazumasa Andou
Kanji 安藤 数正
Romaji Andou Kazumasa
Gender Male
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Computer programming engineer, high school director
Personal Status
Status Alive
Alias Andy
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter Eighteen: The Fourth Man

Kazumasa Andou (安藤 数正, Andō Kazumasa) is the Chairman of Kagamiyama Private High School (私立鏡山高校, Shiritsu Kagamiyama kōkō)[1], the high school which Teru attends and where Kurosaki is employed. A former colleague of DAISY and Teru's brother, Andou was an elite programmer on par with Master's degrees and Doctoral degree level experts and remains extremely knowledgeable with coding and programming.

Prior to meeting Kurosaki, Andou had been involved in several high level research projects, though he was close to suffering from burnout. Shortly after a subordinate died from overwork, Andou used rather underhanded tactics, including owing a favour to a particularly nasty person, in order to leave his job due to overly harsh working conditions.[2] He later accepted a position at Kenbashi Electronics as a member of Soichiro's team.

Before Soichiro's death, Andou had intended to accept the position as the Chairman at Teru's school, which he was inheriting from a senior member of his family who was retiring from the position. He notably gets into arguments with Masuda, though they are able to work together without any trouble. Because of his expertise in computer engineering, he and Kurosaki get along well. His nickname, Andy (アンディ), came from Soichiro.

Andou initially appears as the substitute janitor for Kurosaki. While he appears as a comic character who often appears from odd, small, and dark places like vents and garbage cans and enjoys being beaten up (especially by girls), Andou is serious whenever matters concerning DAISY arise and acts as the group's leader during investigations. While he is usually appears jovial and compassionate, he can be ruthless in ensuring the safety of others.


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