Takahiro Kurosaki and Hideo Midorikawa

Takahiro Kurosaki (黒崎 孝弘, Kurosaki Takahiro) was Tasuku Kurosaki's father, a notable government official involved with attempting to regulate the creation and distribution of computer programming codes that would be involved in encryption and security. As a member of the moderate faction during the development of the "Jack" code, Takahiro Kurosaki was seen by many opponents as the primary opposition to their plans.


Takahiro on the phone just after he got caught

He was acquainted with Teru Kurebayashi's older brother Soichiro when Soichiro was attending university and referred Soichiro to Professor Midorikawa. Professor Midorikawa was involved with the development of "Jack" was apparently supported by Takahiro Kurosaki. However, opposing political pressure began to increase and Midorikawa betrayed Takahiro for reasons unknown. Takahiro was accused of being a spy for attempting to release critical information. Shortly afterward, he was mysteriously killed when Tasuku was still in middle school.



When his father was killed, Tasuku became a ward of the state, but disappeared and became the hacker DAISY in order to prove that his father had not been a spy. His efforts were not successful and he was captured by the government, which attempted to rehabilitate him beginning with his admission that his father had been a spy. However, Soichiro continued to believe that Takahiro was not a spy and supports Tasuku in trying to find another way to learn the truth.

The true motives behind Takahiro's death are eventually revealed in Professor Midorikawa's last message, entrusted to Soichiro. According to Midorikawa, Takahiro had succeeded in locating an individual responsible for taking Akira away from the professor, despite the obvious personal danger that resulted. Before Takahiro could disclose the information as to how he tracked down the individual and his current location, Takahiro was killed in a car crash that was made to look like a suicide[1].


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