To the Tip of the Nails
First page of the extra chapter.
Japanese Title 番外編 ~ 爪の先編
Romaji Title Bangai-hen - Tsume no saki-hen
Volume Volume 16
Chapter Extra
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Final Chapter: To Our Future
Bonus Feature: New Year's

To the Tip of the Nails[1] (番外編 ~ 爪の先編, Bangai-hen - Tsume no saki-hen) is a bonus story for Dengeki Daisy. It was originally published in Betsucomi Deluxe and is included volume 16 of the series. The story is set during the events of volume nine, after Kurosaki has returned home after running away but before he confessed to Teru[2].


Tasuku Kurosaki notes that Teru Kurebayashi has been putting a very conscious effort into her appearance lately and how she is always serious about anything that takes effort. Waking up from a nap, he sees how serious Teru is as she applies nail polish, which immediately flusters her when she notices that he's woken up. Though she wants to be prettier, Teru thinks that she needs to do so secretly and starts to put away her supplies.

However, Kurosaki decides that he'll finish painting her nails, much to her chagrin. Kurosaki proves to be very careful and considerate to Teru's happy surprise, unaware that Kurosaki wants to be able to do something simple and special for her now that he doesn't need to send her secret messages as DAISY. As he paints her nails, he thinks about his feelings for her and how intimate those feelings actually are. However, Kurosaki knows that Teru would probably kill him if he actually voiced those thoughts and thinks to himself that she should not get pretty too quickly. Finished with painting her nails, Kurosaki pinches her nose, while Teru is helpless to retaliate until her nails dry.


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  2. Volume 16 author's note, The first eight-page extra is set just after Kurosaki came back after running away from home. It was before he confessed to Teru and they had an awkward relationship.