Yoshi (良)[1] is one of Teru Kurebayashi and Kiyoshi Hasegawa's close friends. He is a noticeably overweight boy. He doesn't hesitate to do or say embarrassing things, with his friends reacting mostly with comedic and good-humoured disgust. He openly admits to not being strong academically, relying on Teru and Kiyoshi to help him with studying. His extracurricular activities include being in a light music band with Ken.[2]




  1. The character 良 can be pronounced "Yoshi" and "Ryou". The official English release by Viz Media uses the translation "Yoshi", while early scanlations used "Yoshi" in chapter 9 and "Ryou" in two "Baldly Ask!" panels
  2. Dengeki Daisy, volume 10, Viz Media translation - "Baldly Ask!"
    Q: If a band were to be formed, what role would each character play? (Cosmo Hoshimaru, Aichi Prefecture)
    A: Guitar... Yoshi and Ken (They are in a light music band.)